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Nordic Choice consists of four chains in addition to 10 independent hotels. We have opted for diversity so that you, as a guest, may choose the hotel experience that best suits your needs, preferences and budget.



Number of countries


Number of hotels

13 000

Number of employees

32 342

Number of rooms (incl. franchise)

10 382

Turn over incl. franchise (NOK mill.)

9 719 176

Number of guests


Equity (in percent)


ISO-certified hotels

1 200 000

Nordic Choice Club Members

Nordic Choice Hotels

Quick facts

171 hotels. 5 unique hotel chains. 10 independent hotels. 5 countries. 100 destinations.


Triple bottom line

Sleep with your conscience clear

When you buy food at the supermarket, it has to say on the packaging what it contains. The product declaration is a promise that ensures commitment from the producers and gives you, the consumer, greater peace of mind. We want to give you same sense of security when you buy a hotel experience from us.That's why we report what we call "the three P's": People, Planet & Profit. We want to be assessed on all three. Completely openly. So that you can sleep with a clear conscience.

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Help us to eat the world into a better place

Nordic Choice wants to make it easy to eat good food with a clear conscience. Stating the ambition was easy. Finding the solutions is far harder. The journey to a plate is full of dilemmas. Is there food without any aftertaste that is good for your body, animals and the environment? In 2014, Nordic Choice became a proud sponsor of the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, a global initiative established by the Stockholm Foundation and Stockholm Resilience Centre. Together with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, we have established the Local EAT Award, which is looking for entrepreneurs in food, health and sustainability.

Read more about the Local EAT Award (in Norwegian)

2014 in review

Never average

In the midst of the oil and currency worries, we grew to become bigger and stronger than ever before. During the course of the year, we opened eight new hotels, including Clarion Hotel The Edge in Tromsø, Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger, Comfort Hotel Xpress in Tromsø and Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station in Oslo. We reached the milestone of 1 million Nordic Choice Club members, won an award for being the best hotel chain in Norway and Sweden, and focussed on sustainable and healthy food production through the Local EAT Award. You can find the annual report and all the figures here. We have also brought together the highlights of 2014 in a video. Enjoy!

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Nordic Choice Hotels vant prisen for «Årets interne event»

Under spons- og eventbransjens årlige prisutdeling, i regi av Sponsor- og Eventforeningen, vant Nordic Choice Hotels prisen «Årets interne event» for sin årlige Vinterkonferanse i Stockholm.

Nordic Choice Hotels kåret til Norges beste hotellkjede for tredje år på rad

Under den prestisjetunge Grand Travel Awards 2016 ble Nordic Choice Hotels kåret til Norges beste hotellkjede for tredje år på rad.

Gavmilde skandinaver ga over 50 000 julegaver

I 2015 samlet Nordic Choice Hotels inn mer enn 52 000 julegaver til vanskeligstilte barn i hotellenes egne nabolag. Selskapet matcher hver gave med 10 kroner til UNICEFs arbeid.

Nordic Choice Hotels henter kokker fra Spania

Mangelen på kokker er stor i Norden. Høsten 2015 reiste derfor representanter fra Nordic Choice Hotels til Barcelona for å rekruttere kokker til selskapets hotell i Norge og Sverige. Rekrutteringen skjer i samarbeid med NAV Telemark og Vestfold og NAV Eures - den europeiske arbeidsformidlingen.

Samlet inn nærmere 1 million kroner til flyktningbarn

Etter ønske fra trofaste hotellgjester i Nordic Choice Club tilrettela Nordic Choice for at samtlige medlemmer kunne donere sine bonuspoeng til barn på flukt fra det krigsherjede Syria. Siden 11. september har Nordic Choice Club samlet inn 927 166 kroner til UNICEF.

2 millioner kroner til mennesker på flukt

Nordic Choice Hotels donerte 2 millioner NOK til UNICEFs arbeid med å gi humanitær hjelp til dem som er på flukt og de som trenger akutt bistand i Syria.

5000 gratis gjestedøgn til flyktningene

I 2015 ga Nordic Choice Hotels 5000 gratis gjestedøgn til flyktningene som trengte akutt hjelp.

Nytt hotell

Brunkebergstorg: "At Six", Stockholm

342 rom, (2017)

Nytt hotell


200 rom (2017)

Nytt hotell

Hotel F6, Helsinki Finland

66 rom, (2016).

Nytt hotell

Norefjell Ski & SPA

405 rom (2016)

Nytt hotell

Holmsbu Hotel & SPA

182 rom (2016)

Nytt hotell

Strömstad SPA

232 rom (2015)

Nytt hotell


148 rom (2015)

Nytt hotell

Hotel Christiania Teater, Oslo

102 rom, (2015).

Nytt hotell

Avalon Hotel, Göteborg

101 rom, (2015).

Nytt hotell

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, Helsinki

Nytt konferansehotell med 700 rom beliggende ved Helsingfors-Vanda lufthavn. Åpner 2017.

Nytt hotell

Quality Hotel i Drammen

Nytt hotell beliggende ved elvebredden i hjertet av Drammen. 230 rom, konferansesal med plass til 500 personer. Åpner 2019.

Nytt hotell

Comfort Hotel Göteborg

289 rom, to eventlokaler, restauranten OGBG og treningsrom med badstu midt i byen

Nytt hotell

Comfort Hotel Flesland, Bergen

Et enklere møte- og overnattingsalternativ. 300 rom i umiddelbar nærhet til rullebanen. Åpner 2017.


Condé Nast Gold List

The Thief rangert på Condé Nast Gold List


Beste miljøarbeid

Yasuragi vinner Arlas Gullku for beste miljøarbeid


Norway’s Leading Spa Resort

Norefjell ski og spa kåret til Norway’s Leading Spa Resort av World Travel Awards


Norges beste takterrasse

Clarion Hotel The Edge vant pris for Norges beste takterrasse i en kåring gjennomført av reisebyrået Berg-Hansen.


Årets Unge Hotelier

Espen Hammersvik fra Clarion Hotel Admiral i Bergen er kåret til «Årets Unge Hotelier 2016» av HSMAI,


Sveriges beste hotellkjede

Clarion Hotel kåret til Sveriges beste hotellkjede av Grand Travel Award


Årets fasad og Årets Bygge

Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live kåret Årets fasad og Årets Bygge på Bygg Industrin årlige galla


Beste storarena

Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport og The Qube kåret til "Beste storarena" av HSMAI


Luxury Airport Hotel of the year

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport er kåret til Luxury Airport Hotel of the year 2016 av Luxury Travel Award



Djurskyddets Hederspris för hotellets fyrverkerifria nyårsfirande "Happy Dog" på Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport


International Clarion Hotel of the year

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport er kåret til International Clarion Hotel of the year" av Choice Hotels International


til Norges mest unike hotell

Comfort Hotel Grand Central er kåret til Norges mest unike hotell av HSMAI.


HSMAI Awards Serviceløftet

Comfort Hotel Grand Central vant gull for enestående service under HSMAI Awards Serviceløftet

Clarion Hotel

TripAdvisor Rankings

Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Stavanger
Rannked #2 Clarion Hotel Energy, Stavanger
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Grand, östersund
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Sense, Luleå
Ranked # 1 Clarion Hotel Örebro
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
Ranked #3 Clarion Hotel Wisby
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Grand, Helsingborg
Ranked #1 Clarion Hotel Winn, Gävle
Ranked #3 Clarion Hotel Admiral, Bergen
Ranked #2 Clarion Hotel Ernst, Kristiansand


Printed Publication of the Year

Nordic Choice Hotels awarded HSMAI Gold in the Printed Publication of the Year category.


Advertising Film of the Year

Nordic Choice Hotels awarded HSMAI Gold in the Advertising Film of the Year category.


Best Norwegian Hotel Chain

Clarion Hotel won the Grand Travel Award in the Best Norwegian Hotel Chain category


Best Workplace in Norway

Clarion Hotel won the Grand Travel Award in the Best Workplace in Norway category


Debio's Food ØQ Award

Nordic Choice Hotels was awarded Debio's Food ØQ Award (Organic Pioneer Counties). The Food Award is given to operators who work with organic food production and sustainable menus in large scale households.


Profit Creator of the Year

The Euro Business School Awards named Nordic Choice Hotels as the Profit Creator of the Year


Best for sustainability

The Sustainable Brand Index ranked Nordic Choice Hotels as best for sustainability in the hotel industry.


Great Place to Work

Nordic Choice Hotels was ranked as Norway's 8th best place to work by the Great Place to Work list.


Honorary Prize

The Norwegian School of Hotel Management Honorary Prize was awarded to the CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels Torgeir Silseth. 


Fairtrade Challenge

Nordic Choice Hotels won in the Fairtrade Challenge in Sweden. 


Best Ski Resort category

Copperhill Mountain Lodge won at the World Ski Awards in the Best Ski Resort category. 


Best Content Marketing Project

The Thief won HSMAI Gold for Best Content Marketing Project of the year. 


Launch of the Year

The Thief won a Grand Travel Award in the Launch of the Year category.


City Hotel of the Year

The Thief won a Grand Travel Award in the City Hotel of the Year category.


Sweden's best hotel chain for business travellers

Award named Clarion Collection Hotel as Sweden's best hotel chain for business travellers.


Best Swedish Hotel Chain

Clarion Hotel won the Grand Travel Award in the Best Swedish Hotel Chain category.

Quality Resort

TripAdvisor rankings

Ranked #2 Quality Hotel & Resort Strømstad
Ranked #1 Quality Spa & Resort Dalecarlia, Tällberg


Norway's best business hotel

World Travel Awards named Comfort Hotel Grand Central as Norway's best business hotel. 

New Hotel


Two hotels, one a high end business establishment and the other a boutique hotel, are currently under construction at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm city centre. A total of 30,000 sqm spread across 540 rooms, 2000 sqm, a fitness centre and spa area. Both hotels will feature restaurants, cafés and bars. In additions, the biggest rooftop restaurant in Stockholm - an amazing 1200 sqm - is being built and will offer panoramic views of the city. The hotel complex is scheduled to open in 2017.

New Hotel

Clarion Collection Hotel Kung Oscar, Trollhättan

A new hotel located in the heart of Trollhättan will open in 2015. Clarion Collection Hotel Kung Oscar will features 80 rooms and an inviting lobby bar offering breakfast and dinner.

Nytt Hotell

Clarion Hotel Helsinki

429 rooms, 10 meeting rooms and 700 sqm of conference facilities all make Clarion Hotel Helsinki the city's biggest conference hotel. The hotel will be the chain's first in Finland and is scheduled to open in 2016.

New hotel

Quality Hotel Kiruna

A conference hotel offering a pleasant lobby atmosphere, restaurant, gym and sauna is currently being built in the heart of Kiruna's new town centre. The hotel will feature 264 rooms and almost 900 sqm of conference facilities. Hotel opens in 2017.

New hotel

Comfort Hotel Flesland, Bergen

Opens 2017.

Quality Hotel

TripAdvisor Rankings

Ranked #1 Quality Hotel Alexandra, Molde
Ranked #1 Quality Hotel Fredrikstad
Ranked #3 Quality Hotel Waterfront, Ålesund
Ranked #2 Quality Hotel Luleå
Ranked #3 Quality Hotel Sundsvall
Ranked #3 Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund

New hotel

Quality Hotel Haparanda

Opens in 2016 with 150 rooms on 20 floors. Centrally located in Haparanda, northern Sweden. 1400 sq. meters of conference facilities.


Best international Quality Hotel

Quality Spa & Resort Strømstad—awarded by Choice Hotel International 


Best Europian Quality Hotel

Quality Spa & Resort Strømstad—Awarded by Choice Hotel Europa

Nordic Hotels & Resorts

TripAdvisor Rankings

Ranked #2 The Thief, Oslo
Ranked #1 Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre
Ranked #1 Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Stenungsund
Ranked #1 Selma Spa, Sunne

Comfort Hotel

TripAdvisor Rankings

Ranked #1 Comfort Hotel Kristiansand
Ranked #3 Comfort Hotel Union Brygge, Drammen
Ranked #3 Comfort Hotel Nouveau, Helsingborg
Ranked #3 Comfort Hotel Winn, Umeå
Ranked #3 Comfort Hotel Jönköping
Ranked #1 Comfort Hotel Runway, Gardermoen
Ranked #3 Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø

New hotel

Clarion Collection Oleana

Opens 2014 with 98 rooms centrally located in Bergen between The National Scene and Torgalmenningen. Restaurant, meeting rooms and gym.

New hotel

Clarion Collection Hotel Borgen

An old distinguished building in Örebro city centre is being re-built as our new hotel. Opens in 2016 with 137 rooms, restaurant, gym and meeting rooms.

New hotel

Clarion Collection Hotel Helma

Opens 2015 centrally located in Mo i Rana with 110 rooms. Meeting room facilities for 100 people—with restaurant, kitchen, quiet rooms, lounges and gym.