2016 was a record year for Nordic Choice Hotels. We successfully won several key contracts, such as Clarion Hotel Bjørvika in Oslo, Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and an impressive three new hotel projects in Copenhagen: Posthuset, Clarion Hotel and Comfort Hotel at Copenhagen Airport. Nordic Choice Hotels also started a new chapter with the opening of Clarion Hotel Helsinki and Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport. Apart from delivering our best result ever, Nordic Choice Hotels made a slam dunk at the annual Grand Travel Award and brought home prizes for the Best Hotel Chain in Norway, Sweden and the Nordic countries.

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Key figures

Nordic Choice Club


225,000 new members joined Nordic Choice Club during 2016. Nordic Choice Club has XXX members today.

The guest journey

Social media

Nordic Choice Hotels was mentioned 15 billion times on social media in 2016. The engagement, number of likes and shares in our own channels more than doubled.

The guest journey

Best price on our own website

Nordic Choice Hotels is still opposing third party channels' demands for price equality between the hotels' own websites and external booking sites. You will therefore continue to find the cheapest price for your hotel stay on

The guest journey

New app

A new booking app, making it possible to book, pay and check in and out of the hotels via mobile phone was launched in 2016. By the end of 2017 the app will also include the feature "Room Optimizer", which makes it possible for guests to upgrade and cherry-pick their room before arrival

Nordic Choice Club

Nordic Choice Club

In 2016, Nordic Choice Club launched a new diversified bonus model giving members greater choice and making it easier to use bonus points.

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Nordic Choice Club

New Partners

In 2016, Nordic Choice Club members enjoyed more benefits through new partnerships with Aftenposten, TUI, Finnair Plus, and Royal Caribbean.


Digital focus

In 2016, Nordic Choice Hotels launched a historic commitment by establishing a new company group focusing on digital innovation and distribution. The initiative was named eBerry


+46 NOK

Total revenue per available room grew by 46 NOK in 2016 compared to 2015.

Food and beverages

2628 MNOK

Nordic Choice Hotels has an increased focus on culinary experiences. In 2016 our hotels turned over 2,628 MNOK on food and beverages.

Operating Revenue

+743 MNOK

Net Operating Revenue increased by 743 MNOK in 2016 compared to 2015, partly driven by new capacity.

Satisfied guests

Increased guest satisfaction

Nordic Choice Hotels is constantly increasing the number of satisfied guests. This drives growth. NPS (Net Promoter Score) has increased by 0.3 on 2015 and is 8.7 points better than the market average.

Net Sales

9 096 MNOK

The results for 2016 saw our operating income increase by 8.9% and amount to 9,096 MNOK compared to 8,353 MNOK in 2015.

Multi branding

Nordic Choice Hotels operates three hotel chains and 23 independent hotels in more than 100 destinations in the Nordic countries and The Baltics.

Minimum sustainability demands on suppliers

Nordic Choice Hotels has introduced minimum sustainability requirement for anyone entering into global supply agreements with the hotel corporation. This involves, among other things that: suppliers must have systems in place that monitor their compliance with ethical guidelines, and they must be environmentally certified or have equivalent measures in place. In June 2016 Nordic Choice Hotels conducted courses in collaboration with Ethical Trading Initiative Norway for all its key suppliers. Suppliers were informed about the minimum sustainability requirements and how to implement them. Over 80 suppliers participated.

Tesla charging stations

Nordic Choice Hotels signed a partnership with Tesla Motors, under which Tesla provides hotels with electrical car charging boxes for free, in exchange for the hotels paying for the installations.

Food platform

Local EAT Award 2016

As initiator and sponsor of the Local EAT Award, Nordic Choice Hotels awarded the 2016 prize to Scandinavia's most sustainable food innovator for the third consecutive year. The winner was Camilla Byrinder from Qualifare Consulting. Byrinder's solution provides an interface between Swedish schools' absence system and the school canteen. Information is received several hours ahead of lunchtime and makes it easy to adjust the number of meals prepared to the number of students who are having lunch that day. The winner received 100,000 NOK in prize money.



Nordic Choice Hotels established the WeCare Fund in 2016. The WeCare Fund amounts to 1 million NOK and is awarded each year to local projects on application. In 2016, 20 hotels had the opportunity to support the funding of everything from a beehive in Tønsberg to city bikes in Malmö.


Fair Trade fika

In a few hectic hours in October we served organic and Fair Trade coffee to more than 115,000 people in over 140 hotels, as part of the Fair Trade Fika measure.

Food platform


In 2016 we initiated a new partnership with Scandinavian Organics AB and a selection of their organic products became available at all our hotels in Sweden.

Food platform

Food waste

Through the "Cut food waste 2020" initiative, we further intensified the fight against food waste. See separate graph for the reduction of food waste. Through the initiative, food waste in the hospitality industry will be reduced by an additional 20% up to 2020.


Solar cells on hotel roofs

In 2016 Quality Hotel Friends installed solar cells on the roof. The system is about 200 sqm large and produces approximately 29 MWh of electricity annually. This is equivalent to the power required to boil one million organic eggs, charging 5 million smart phones or making 290,000 litres of Fair Trade coffee.

Food platform

ASC/MSC certification

We are the first hotel company in the Nordic region to become MSC and ASC certified. This means that fish and seafood we serve comes from sustainable fisheries - whether it is wild or farmed.


Reduced water consumption

We have reduced water consumption by 7.5 litres per guest night in 2016 compared to 2015. This means we have saved over 120,000 bathtubs of water (from 2014 to 2015 there were 683,000 bath tubs, so we have continued this positive trend).

Food platform

More free range hens

In 2016 we let free 37,000 chickens, by serving over 10 million organic eggs.

Food platform

3,400 cups of coffee

We serve 3,400 cups of organic, Fair Trade coffee per hour. The toxins not used because we serve organic coffee equals 222,000 bottles of Roundup per year. Together with Löfbergs, we're working with women farmers in Honduras on scaling for Fair Trade and organic farms, so that more people will benefit from guaranteed minimum coffee prices and healthy agricultural practices.



In 2016 more than 650 unemployed received offers of internship at one of our hotels through our work with e.g. NAV, Arbetsförmedlingen, Samhall and Ringer i Vannet (employment services organisations). 26% went on to permanent employment after their internship period.



54 % of all department heads and 52 % of all hotel directors are women. Four of nine in the executive management team are women.


Nordic Choice Tour

CEO Torgeir Silseth and owner Petter A. Stordalen met with 5,000 employees, customers and suppliers in 11 destinations during a three-week tour in October 2016.

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We signed a unique agreement in 2016 with learning venue PS:hotell, which aims to annually support at least 10 people who have had special challenges to return to work.


Recognition for diversity

The Unionen trade union named Nordic Choice Hotels as 'Sweden's most HBTQ-friendly workplace in 2016'. The award was given for an ambitious work for equal rights and opportunities regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.


Stay Active campaign - #PulsforUNICEF

4,000 employees participated in Nordic Choice Hotels annual 'Stay Active' campaign. For every 30 minutes an employee exercised, the company donated 20 NOK to UNICEF. Overall, employees exercised for 800,000 NOK, which was handed over to the Sweet Dreams project.


300 runs for a safe night's sleep.

300 Nordic 'Choice'rs' lined up during the Holmenkollen relay, many as companions for blind and visually impaired in 2 team RP team. Nordic Choice Hotels made a donation to UNICEF for each sporty participant, adding up to 120,000 NOK in total.

Sweet Dreams

184.000 safe nights

In 2016 our agreement with UNICEF was renewed and we committed ourselves to helping even more children victimized by trafficking. We launched the project Sweet Dreams. For each night a guest stays with us, we make a donation to our Sweet Dreams project. In 2016 this resulted in 110,000 safe nights for children. In addition, further donations were provided from employees and the company that resulted in another 70,000 safe nights. Nordic Choice Hotels donated 3,680,000 million NOK to UNICEF in 2016.


53 000

In December 2016 our hotels collected 53,000 Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children and young people living in our hotels' own neighbourhoods. Nordic Choice matched this with a donation of 530,000 NOK to UNICEF.



The Nordic region's biggest company kick-off gathered more than 3,000 employees, partners and suppliers.

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